“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”
- Rumi

Who We Are ?

A good life is all about creating a sustainable & balanced life. We are a contemporary label with its roots stemmed to nature. Our raw materials are either organically grown, sourced from nature or recycled.

Our Exotic Blend of Green Teas is a spa for your soul. Completely Sugar Free and are sourced from the best of their origin (within India), our Green Teas are best when it comes to an aromatic & flavourful experience.

Our Everyday and Home products are intricately crafted with rawness, precision and modern design.

We believe in living a better version of oneself.

– A Good Life & Team

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What we Create?

We have two major product Categories -

Exotic Green Teas

The Green Teas are all natural ingredients prefectly blended for a flavourful taste you may have never experienced before.

Home Decor and Essentials

The Home Decor and Daily Essential products are hand-made sustainable products with either a utility or to add a vibe value to your beautiful homes.