Mint Moringa Box with Strainer

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A natural way to Healthy Life. Our Green Teas are sourced from the best of places and retain the most nutritional value blended together with aromatic flavours in each sip.

Naturally grown green leaves sun-dried to retain the beneficial effects of the leaves. Our Mint Moringa Green Tea gives a refreshing soothe to your body and soul. The Aroma opens up your sensory nerves while the Detox properties that provides long lasting healthy benefits


Mint is known for its calming effect. If you are someone who can easily get worked up in situations, try mint green tea. The green tea hits you with just the right amount of caffeine – aka extra energy – and the mint will calm your nerves simultaneously. In addition, green tea is rich in theanine. Many people take theanine supplements to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress. What a stress busting combo, we say!

Healthy Guts

Mint can help you with indigestion, stomach acids, nausea, loss of appetite. It also has anti bacterial properties that can stave off any minor stomach infection. Green tea contains polyphenols that may help improve digestion and regular consumption of mint green tea can help your body break down food more effectively.

Beat Congestion

During flu season, most of us suffer stuffy nose or chest congestion. Although mint should not be taken as replacement for medicines, but to a large extent, peppermint is known to clear out nasal congestion. In addition, for those with allergies due to pollen or dust can also find relief in a cup of a warm minty green tea.


Please Note:

  1. Each pack contains 10gms of mint & moringa premium tea leaves blended perfectly that makes upto-
    15-20 cups of tea on a singe strain
    30-40 cups of tea on a double strain

We do promote a healthy double strain, while it is not very strong in flavour but it do has an essence and all the healthy properties of a good rich tea. Our Teas are strong & flavourful, so we do recommend you to do a second strain or double strain to enjoy the richness and avail the healthy benefits.

Buy Premium Organic Moringa Green Teas Online at Best Price and find Moringa green tea benefits with your own experience. We with A good Life provides our customers Best Organic Green Teas  for best results. 

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